Much Overdue and Much Adieu About MMM 2010

During our visit to Slovakia en route to Poland we were able to catch-up with friends and people from Mozaika.  It seemed like people felt compelled to share about MMM with us and it was great to still feel connected to a project we helped start; even if it was only a connection in peoples thoughts.

Though we could not directly be a part of this years project, it is amazing to see how God can take something and cause it to grow.  MMM will always be close to our hearts and we see the value in it as it brings Mozaika and Nitra closer together.  During the planning process we, and our Apprenticeship mentors, were in Canada; so the credit for the dreaming and planning belongs to the people of Mozaika.  It’s great to see MMM become more Slovak.  We think it’s awesome that the project is dynamic enough to grow regardless of who is at the helm or what work is being done.

This year there was a stronger relational focus.  There were still work projects and further improvements were made to the community centre we were at last year.  The teams also spruced up a local park which garnered Mozaika attention from the city news.  There were more camps and there was a strong connection with teenagers (a missing element in Mozaika’s composition).  As a result, a weekly club for teens has been running since MMM.

People from Mozaika shared their stories and it had us smiling.  They even shared some second-hand stories from the teams from Canada and it was a strong reminder of how short-term experiences are not just a chance for foreigners to come and serve locally, but also an opportunity for locals to impact those who come.  From the sounds of it, MMM had a profound impact on some of the Canadians and that in itself is a worthwhile thing.

We don’t want to make it sound like a fairy tale.  There were logistical growing pains and lessons learned, but the MMM Team worked hard and God used that work.  We’ll always have relationship in Slovakia (seriously, there are amazing people there), and we’re proud to leave a part of ourselves behind that will outlive us in the form of MMM.  A huge thank you goes to everyone who served in MMM 2010 and to you who prayed for it.  God’s got a plan for Nitra and it definitely involves love.


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