The Passenger

EggplantLet’s make this official: for those of you who don’t know, Amber is incubating a little human. That’s right, we’re expecting.

Both Amber and The Passenger are doing well (though there have been two trips to the Emergency Room) and our little guy (no, that’s not a slip) is set to make an appearance on December 27th according to the Polish doctor, December 30th according to the Canadian doctor and January 7th according to Amber. Time will tell who is the true medical expert. says that The Passenger is roughly the size of an eggplant and neither of us have been able to eat that since. With our visa complications, we’re not sure which continent The Passenger will be born on (how’s that for first-time parent uncertainty) but we have things in place for either a Canadian or Polish delivery. Both present advantages and challenges.

Regardless of where, our prayer is for the health and well-being of both Amber and The Passenger.


8 thoughts on “The Passenger

  1. Hello deear friends!!!

    I really didn´t know about your baby until today Evka Kudlacova told me!! I was surprised, gosh!!! Unbelievable! What a blessing for you!!

    I hope you are doing well, keep us others without facebook updated, please. I am reading your blog.

    Katka from Nitra

  2. Since leaving FB, I’m really out of the loop! But so happy to hear of your news and the impending arrival of the Little Passenger! I’m so excited and happy for you guys!!!!!

    1. Thanks friend. It’s been quite the adventure with continent hopping and visa delays thrown in. In some ways we feel like this will change everything and in other ways life will keep on trucking as usual…..just with more suitcases.

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