Please Welcome the Tatter Tot

Set to arrive near the end of July, we are super excited to share that we are expecting. Just as our son was once The Passenger, this Price-family-member-to-be has been deemed the Tatter Tot. Not just for their size, but because Amber suggested the name Tate (we don’t know the sex yet). Matthew quickly shot it down as he imagined kids on the school yard throwing ketchup and screaming Tatter Tot! Because of the complications with Daxon and because we now know the true value of a supportive community (please read as friends and family) during those first few weeks of a baby’s life, we’ve decided to have this kid in Canada. Amber and Dax will be returning to BC in May to get into the BC health care system and Matthew will follow once his teaching commitments have concluded (hopefully at the end of June or the beginning of July). So we’ll have two kids under the age of two. Seems like a good plan!


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