The Thankful List

Here we sit contentedly in Włocławek in the after-glow of our Thanksgiving meal. It’s not a holiday here and in the absence of festive store displays and turkey themed posters we’re reminded that we have a lot (copious amounts in fact) to be thankful for every single day of the year. This list is hardly exhaustive, but here are some of the things we’re feeling thankful about right now:

  • Daxon – the greatest addition to our family since we started this branch of the Price tree in 2007
  • Amber is thankful for a mom who taught her how to cook a turkey to perfection and her dad who taught her how to eat too much of it
  • Our marriage where we continue to invest into a great friendship
  • Working together for over 6 years and still not wanting to kill each other
  • Our loving and supporting families who spur us on when we lag and carry us when we hurt
  • Canada: we come from a wonderful place
  • Education: we often forget about the power of knowledge, even the abilities to read and write
  • Our health
  • The proximity of the divine and how God is involved in the everyday
  • That we haven’t accomplished all of our goals yet (there’s still so much more ahead of us)
  • Friendships that anchor us regardless of distance or circumstance
  • Canned pumpkin which saves us from rendering a pie from an actual pumpkin
  • Chocolate….70% cocoa or what’s the point?

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