Thailand | The Back Story: Part 1

For me (Amber) the process started back in February. I stood in the chapel at Summit Pacific College and God began to speak. We were in the middle of worship, I was singing away and BAM, the Holy Spirit started talking to me. Clearly. This is what was said:

“It was in this room all those years ago that I asked you to go. So now I ask you again, knowing all that you know now, all that you’ve experienced in the last number of years…will you say ‘yes’ to me again?”

I began to weep. The answer…yes.

If you’ve known Matthew and I for any amount of time it’s likely that you’ve heard at least one of us say that, “obedience will never lead to regret.” And this was one of those rubber meets the road kind of moments. Poland was hard. It wasn’t pretty. Canada is safe. Canada is comfortable. I’m literally living my dream right now, something the majority of people never get to do. So saying “yes” is a big deal, a big commitment, and a big risk.

As I breathed out my “yes”, doused in tears and barely audible, there was a shift within me. Suddenly while nothing in the immediate had changed, the way I saw everything had. In an instant, I was uprooted.


2 thoughts on “Thailand | The Back Story: Part 1

  1. We as ‘mom and dad’ to a couple of kids out there, have so appreciated your season back in Abby. On so many levels it has been a comfort. That being said, we also know the peace that comes in obedience to the Holy Spirit’s directive.
    Our prayers Always, With Love

  2. I never told you but i was always following you and always excited to read your posts. I was with you in Slowack, in Poland, back in Canada and now going (in my peayers) with you to Thailand. I am proud to know you and that years ago we were studying together. God bless you and your families to be faithful to the end. Your testimony Amber, inspired me and made me wanna see you even more. Please say hi to Matt, Zack and his beautiful wife.
    With love Inna Pyshnyuk.

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