Packing up the Pipsqueaks

Our whole world changed in December of 2011 when Mr. Moo (the latest incarnation of our son’s nickname) entered the world. It was rocked again when Snicks (our daughter’s handle) joined Team Price in July of 2013. So with the two of them in the mix now, how does this impact the trajectory we believe God is putting our life on?

The answer isn’t an easy one. It’s a bit messy; layered and filled with emotion. Now as we make plans, decisions and weigh options, it’s with two small lives in the balance. Two lives full of potential, full of dreams, and full of opinions (though they can’t fully express them yet).

In 2006, as we prepared to marry and then move to Slovakia (PS. we don’t recommend getting married and moving half way around the world!), we very quickly became aware that our decision had far reaching effects. It was an adjustment for our families and friends; a challenging shift at times, but one that we managed.

Fast forward to Spring of 2011 as we shared the news with our families that a baby was on the way. Elation and excitement was intertwined with the realization that grandparenting would be done via Skype and FaceTime.

We did one year in Poland with Mr. Moo before returning to Canada. First birthday celebrations were done over Skype and God provided a dear woman, Alina, as our surrogate Polish Grandma. That was a very hard year.

So now as we look to Thailand with TWO little humans in tow, it is not without pause that we forge ahead. Their lives will be dramatically shaped by this change in location, culture, language and relationships. We say shaped and not altered because we believe that God is all knowing, and knew that this is part of our kids future. A move to Thailand is part of what will shape Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee into becoming the man and woman that God knows them to be. At times, we’re sure that will be painful, or full of wonder and opportunity, or lonely, or filled with eye-opening, world altering perspective.

We have to trust and believe that in the same way that God has spoken to the two of us as individuals, He also knew our kids before we had even begun to think of them. He knew Mr. Moo would be a full-on, rough and tumble, giant of a three year old. He knew Snicks would be a princess-dress loving, dirt flinging, fearless, blonde haired, blue-eyed two year old. He knew that as He called us to Thailand, he was calling a family of four, not just Matthew and Amber. Our deepest prayer is that as we walk forward in obedience, our kids would see our journey. We trust that distance from family, friends, and the things that have become so normal to them in the last two years in Canada, would not be a source of bitterness. But rather, that an up-close and personal view of what it means to be so convinced of Jesus and His transforming power in the lives of people, would bring them to a place where they too, would willingly leave behind comfort, convenience and what is known for the great adventure that God has planned for their young lives.

That they too would believe, that obedience will never lead to regret.


2 thoughts on “Packing up the Pipsqueaks

  1. My precious Son.
    Over the years, at so many of the turns in the road, I have whispered to you, “I trust you with Him.” Nothing has changed. I also trust Him with them. We have an all encompassing God. Thank you for sharing your heart – Amber’s heart regarding Mr. Moo and little Miss Snicks. They are most precious.
    I love you.

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