These Boots Were Made for Walking

On Tuesday [February 23], we’re headed to Bangkok – a place we will soon call home.

It’s kind of a thing of ours. We walked the streets of Nitra and the roads of Włocławek before moving to either place. Nitra was about exploring a town we were set to move to. Roaming Włocławek was part of the process of  figuring out just where we were to go (we walked until our legs hurt). And now, here we are, set to move to Bangkok and off to walk her streets. Her countless streets and corridors which are home to millions.

In a world as connected as our own, something powerful remains about being present. Actually. Physically. Present.

There are practicalities to research: what’s in stores, what do apartments look like, which neighbourhood of this sprawling metropolis do we want to root ourselves in, what about schools.

Then there are the people: what does life look like for the folks who call Bangkok home. If a city’s soul is her people, what are we going to find?

To walk, and sit, and observe, but most importantly to pray, while surrounded by a place, a people, and their pulse – now that is a thing of beauty. In our experience it is a thing of necessity. To be present and to pray is a way forward like no other.


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