A Big Thought from our Little Man

Having a little human stresses us out sometimes – especially when he fails to realize our daily To Do List includes more than helping him organize toys for the chewing. There are things that need doing that are in direct competition with him for our undivided attention. Truly, dinner is not about to cook itself nor are those blocks going to stack themselves. That quick, yet crucial, e-mail we need to send turns into a prolonged ordeal that culminates in an angry toddler clutching at pant legs as we, borderline disheveled, stand typing with our computer on the stove (we lack counter space). Thankfully, it’s not always like this.

Having an afternoon packed full of memory-making moments is more than just regulated naps and nutritious snacks – it’s making space and time to focus on nothing else in the world besides our little man. When there’s nothing else competing for our attention, it’s amazing how the good times roll. Sometimes this means planning ahead. Other times it means ignoring the dishes in the sink. Our apartment may be a first-class disaster, but we’ll remember those moments of rolling around on the floor, the laughter, the snorts, the glint of mischief in his eyes. 10 years from now these moments will be our treasures and the number of e-mails in our inbox will not be a factor. The outside world could fall apart but there we are on the floor in our own world of finger smudges and improvised drumming. It’s sacred time.

We use that word intentionally as these moments have taught us a spiritual lesson. We get so much out of our dedicated times with the little guy and that can be said of how we approach spending time with God. We can set things apart. We can choose to focus – even for the shortest while – on reading, meditating and praying. There is none of the stress of divided time or focus; it’s us and the big guy.


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